The first Padel court in Montenegro

Are you ready to try something completely new?
 Just one visit, and you’ll see that Padel tennis offers a combination of serious training and good fun, for both recreational and professional athletes

All you need to know about Padel

At first glance, Padel resembles tennis and actually contains elements of tennis, table tennis and squash, it is played in pairs on a court that is some 25% smaller than a tennis court.

What makes Padel so attractive is that anyone can very easily start playing without classes and prior training. All you need to do is to come and get started!


Just one visit, and you’ll see that Padel tennis offers a combination of serious training and good fun, for both recreational and professional athletes.  It's the perfect way to compete with friends, stay in motion and use up those stubborn calories.

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Padel one on one ...

Game, Set, Match

You are wondering about scoring system? Padel uses the same scoring system as tennis. It takes six games to win a set, and it takes two sets to win. The game is the same as in tennis, 15/0, 30/0, 40/0, advantage, equalization, etc. If the result is 6: 6, it goes to a tie break.

Serve like a champion

The service is diagonal, as in tennis, with two repetitions - the first and second service. The Server must be behind the service line. Receiver can stand anywhere on the court, diagonally opposite to the Server. The Server first releases the ball and then hits it at waist height. The ball must bounce into the service court before Receiver returns it.

Keep playing

Once the ball is in play, each ball that crosses the net must bounce to the ground before hitting the wall. Players can hit the ball with a so-called volley. Players can hit the ball after it has hit the wall. As in tennis, a ball can fall once on the court and hit once. The ball can be hit hard, to bounce off the court. Also, the opposing player can leave the field to return it.

Learn some additional rules of Padel.

If the ball does not bounce into the service court, it is a mistake.

If the ball bounces and hits the net before crossing the service line, it is also a mistake.

It is allowed if the ball hits the net and bounces into the service court.

If the ball touches the net line along the court before the second shot, it is a mistake.

eFiskal • Tekst i slika

Join the League of  Champions

Are you interested in which professional athletes also could not resist this sport? One of the fans of padel is the world football player Francesco Totti, who opened his Padel academy in Rome.

Zlatan Ibrahimović stands out as a big fan of this sport, and he also helped open Padel center in Sweden. Their colleagues, Žerard Pike and Leo Mesiequally belong to the group of regular players. Footballers love Padel, we believe you will too!

Padel - the best summer vibrations! 

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